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Our Team

At Energy Patagonia we believe in experience and action. In order to deal with complex problems, it is essential to have a solid and interdisciplinary team that provides different points of view in order to find the best solutions.

Only seeing the big picture and understanding where each piece fits, with a technical and economic view, is that we manage to give it an approach that others cannot.

Colleagues Looking at the Same Screen

Our Mission is to Unlock Energy

Many times Energy Projects do not move forward due to lack of validation, other times because the appropriate financing models are not found. In other cases the available technologies are not sufficient to satisfy global requirements.

Several technologies could meet the needs in different ways with different trade-offs, and it is necessary to understand them in depth to be able to reach an accurate conclusion.

We are able to help you along the journey, thinking, analyzing and executing projects from a holistic point of view allowing new and better solutions.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We behave according to the highest compliance rules


We always deliver what is expected


We know what we do and we do what we know


We have skin on the game


We love what we do and only work with the bests

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